Industrial Robot

Industrial robot applications:

With the development of robotics, more and more fields are now citing robots. Therefore, industrial robots also play an important role in industrial production. The advantage of industrial robots is that they can replace some people in industrial production for some monotonous and repeated long-term operations, even in hazardous environments such as danger, toxic, etc., such as stamping, heat treatment, welding, plastic molding, machining, etc. In the process, as well as in the relevant industrial sectors such as chemical raw materials, the handling or process operation of hazardous materials for human body is completed. Because industrial robots have certain versatility and adaptability, they can adapt to mass production in many varieties. Therefore, many industrial enterprises use industrial robots for operation. Therefore, the popularization of industrial robots is an effective means to achieve automated production, improve production efficiency, and promote the development of productivity.

Industrial Robot(图1)

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