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KEMANS Multi-language website (www. kemansrobot.com) will be on line soon

KEMANS Multi-lingual website (www. kemansrobot.com) will be on line soon


Dear users,

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for your long-term concern and support for KEMANS!

AS we know that diversified, refined, and complete, intelligent products are recognized as the world's industrial development trend, and they represent the judgment standard of a country's national industrial level. And the development of industrial automation is intensifying, and every development will bring a new change. With the further deepening of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) led by Germany and the rise of "Internet +" to the level of national development strategy in China, the demand of  automation from domestic and foreign customers are becoming more intelligent and industrialized.


Therefore, KEMANS previous business structure centered on take out robot for injection molding machine and services can't fully explain the core value of our company. Under the great environment and future trends of automation at home and abroad, in order to expand the business and upgrade the industry, our company has also carried out a series of combined actions, and formulated a new enterprise positioning of "Total Automation Solution Provider for Injection Production" aiming to provide more intelligent and capable products, solutions for factories and users in the injection molding industry.


In order to complete a new round of industrial upgrading, the company first moved the factory to a single-family large-scale factory for production and office; then the company name was upgraded as well, Dongguan KEMANSI General Machinery Co., Ltd. renamed to Guangdong KEMANS Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.; In addition, in order to adapt to the new company's new image, the company logo has also been updated, the original KEMANSI has changed into KEMANS. At the same time, in order to provide users with more convenient and better browsing experience, after 2 months of planning , programming, testing and preparation, the official website of the KEMANS multilingual foreign language has also been fully upgraded. The new website will be officially launched on September, 2018. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


First, this website revision adheres to the concept of "focusing on customer satisfaction". In the layout, the home page has 8 navigation panels, each with clear functions and rich content, which is convenient for you to quickly obtain the desired product and service information in 11 languages. In terms of design, the brand positioning of the “injection production automation case service provider”, the website new design with multi-language and visual style will surely provide you with a better visual and browsing experience.


Second, the original official website in Chinese (www.kemansi.com) will still be on service, the URL of the multilingual foreign language website is: www.kemansrobot.com


The new website is still being improved. If you have any inquiry, comments or suggestions, please leave us a message, our email address is sales@kemansrobot.com  we will do better, thank you!


KEMANS Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Sep 1st, 2018

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