What are the advantages of servo robots?

Reduce labor costs: Using a servo robot to remove a product can save people's work, such as using a conveyor belt, and also protect two injection molding machines at the same time (if the entire plant is more efficient).


High safety: The machine may cause personal injury when the product is removed by hand. The use of the robot ensures safe production.

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Improve work efficiency: According to the injection cycle of 30 seconds, manually take out about 2,800 pieces of products every day. If you use a robot to shorten the cycle to 27 seconds, that is, use about 3,200 pieces of robot per day, which can increase about 400 deaths.


Improve product quality: The product is automatically demoulded. If the thimble is ejected multiple times, the prolonged time will affect the production capacity, and the product will fall into uneven oil and cause product defects. When the servo robot adopts the product, the mold clamping time is fixed and the mold temperature is normal, which can reduce the defect rate of the product.


Avoid mold damage: If the worker fails to remove the product successfully, the mold will cause damage to the mold. If the servo robot fails to remove the product, it will automatically stop the machine.

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Improve the competitiveness of enterprises: use servo manipulators to improve the image of the workshop, ensure quality, accurately calculate the output value, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


Wide range of applications: suitable for plastic molding products (such as: toys, mobile phone casings, preforms, auto parts, light guides, bell teeth, etc.).


Quick return: If the injection cycle of the product is 20 seconds, each class should get 2160 mode, but the general production data shows that it is difficult to reach 2000 mode, especially the night shift is difficult to reach 1900 mode. If using servo robot production, then each Classes should be able to reach the 2100 mode or even have more than 500 modes per day. Assuming 0.3 yuan per model, each machine can add 150 yuan / day, the value of about 4,000 yuan per month. Use a tilt arm servo robot. Accounting can recover costs in just a few months.

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