What are the characteristics of the Servo robot's drive structure?

Although the servo robot is fully automated and efficient at work, it requires workers to perform certain operations and settings before work. If you want to operate the servo robot safely, you must have a servo robot driver structure. Understand this, in order to operate correctly and even if the servo robot fails, it can be checked and repaired, then let Xiaobian introduce the servo robot's driver structure.

What are the characteristics of the Servo robots drive structure?(图1)

Our common servo robot drive structure is generally four types, including mechanical drive, hydraulic drive, electric drive and pneumatic drive. Among these four types, hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive are the most used, so we mainly introduce two types of servo robot drives, hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive.

Hydraulic drive: It is generally a drive system consisting of a hydraulic motor and servo valve, as well as an oil pump and a mailbox. The hydraulically driven servo robot is the most popular of the four types of snatching, and its overall structure is very compact, resistant to impact and resistance. The vibration has a high performance and the movement during the snatch is also very stable. However, hydraulic drives have higher requirements on components, such as materials with high precision and high stiffness and hardness, so that they can adapt to its high-intensity work, so his cost is generally more expensive.

Pneumatic drive: It is usually composed of air compressors and cylinders, air valves and gas cylinders. It is flexible in operation, because the air source is more convenient, and its movement is smoother and faster, so its structure is compared. Simple, the material requirements are not so high, so his cost is low, but its snatch capacity is limited and not well controlled.

The above is about the hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive servo robot introduction, you can choose according to your own situation.

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