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Longitudinal 3/5 Axis Servo Robots


Product origin :China

Delivery time :30 Working days

Supply capacity :60 sets/month

Unlike standard traversing robot, longitudinal  refers specially robots  is installed on the rear of the injection molding machine,this helps to save up to 30-40%  space for molding machine installion. Longitudinal robots is suitable for two plate mold, 3 plate mold or hot sunner system, and capable of arranging, stacking, quality checking and in mold placement.

Common Specifications:

Power SourceAir Pressure(Bar)Max Air Pressure(Bar)Drive SystemLanguage
AC220V±10V50/60HZ5Khf/cm2, 0.49Mpa8Khf/cm2, 0.8MpaPneumatic  and Servo Hybrid English/Chinese

General Specifications:

ModelIMM(Ton)Travers Stroke(mm)Main Arm(mm)Main Arm(mm)Assist Arm(mm)Take out TimeSecMax. Loading(Kg)Dry Cycle TimeSecAir ConsumptionN/Cycle)Weight(Kg)

Outer Dimensions


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