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6 axis robot


Product origin :GUANG DONG CHINA

Delivery time :15 Working days

Supply capacity :100 sets/month

6 axis robot is a robot with six servo motors.
6 axis robot is a robot that operates with the rotation and movement of the x, y, and z axes.

Product Description

6 axis robot is a robot with six servo motors.

6 axis robot is a robot that operates with the rotation and movement of the x, y, and z axes.

The robotic arm is the most widely used automated mechanical device in the field of robotics. It can be seen in industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, entertainment services, military, semiconductor manufacturing and space search. Although their shapes are different, they all have one thing in common: they can accept instructions and accurately position them at a certain point in the three-dimensional (or two-dimensional) space.



6 axis robot(图1)

Main Features

Fast: Faster, more accurate and more efficient than all previous unloading robots;

Efficient: Slim, weight-saving construction for higher dynamic performance, shorter job schedules and more production;

Compact: KEMANS robots are the most compact of their kind, with unmatched power density, maximum range and highest load capacity;

Application optimization: Designed for high-standard stacking operations, through its power and dynamics, multiple pallets can be stacked to a very high level without problems;

Cost-effective: Due to its delicate base and small footprint, the robot requires minimal work space.

Product drawings and pictures

6 axis robot(图2)

6 axis robot drawings

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6 axis robot photos

Product Case:

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Product service

 Pre-Sales Service

1. Your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours

2.Inquiry and consulting support.

3. View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

1. The company adopts the whole-sale online tracking after-sales service method for the products it supplies.

2. The warranty period shall be calculated from the date of installation and commissioning of the equipment and the acceptance of both parties, except for the wearing parts and the operating system and software.

3. Failure caused by human factors or improper operation and natural disasters and irresistible human factors are not covered by the warranty.

5. Establish installation, daily maintenance and maintenance service files, and record the use, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment in detail.

6. Regularly return online or online to solve specific problems encountered during the operation of the equipment, and prevent problems before they occur.

7. Provide technical training for complete equipment use, simple maintenance and maintenance.

8. After the warranty period, the company will charge the repair cost of the parts below the market sales price and provide comprehensive services for life;

We will comprehensively consider the after-sales service of the equipment in terms of management and technology, and provide comprehensive protection for the system with fewer problems and no problems.

9. Warranty period: The problem with the equipment is solved first by online. If it can't be solved online, then our factory will send personnel to the scene to solve.

10. The response time is as follows: (If we need to send staff to the site for maintenance, our factory will immediately start after receiving the notice)

(1), the first level of failure is repaired within 24 hours.

(2), the secondary fault is repaired within 12 hours.

(3), the third-level fault is repaired within 8 hours.

(4) The repair response time does not include the travel time.

11. The fault levels are classified as follows:

(1), one-level failure: the entire system equipment is caused by the failure;

(2), secondary fault: the system equipment is seriously affected due to the fault;

(3), three-level fault: the efficiency of the system equipment is affected by the fault, but the equipment can still operate.

Packing & Delivery

The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

The package size is customized according to the size of the goods

Our Company:

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KEMANS is a China based high tech company established in 2009, focusing on manufacturing of take out robot arm for plastic injection molding machine and factory automation system. For over 10 years, KEMANS is specialized in research and development, production, sales and services of take out robots such as three axis servo robotsfive axis servo robots, swing arm take out robotscustomized industrial robotX beam linear servo driven robotslongitudinal 3/5 axis AC servo driven robots, swing arm robot,sprue picker.etc.Through hard work and dedication, we are now one of the market leaders of robot arm manufacturer and total solution provider in China.


With our dedicated management and outstanding technical research and development team, we strive for constant innovations to create values for our partners. Our global network and experienced service teams are committed to help our partners reaching new heights in their respective industries.

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1.The robot arm can be labeled as specified by the customer.

2.Color can follow the requirements of customers.

3.The consignee and consignor on the B/L can be decided by the customer.

4.Follow the principle of mutual benefit, all prices can be accommodated.
5.If you intend to wholesale manipulator, then please find me, wholesale prices are very attractive.

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Team Service
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