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Five-Axis Robot


Product origin :GUANG DONG CHINA

Delivery time :15 days after payment

Supply capacity :100 sets/month

Five-Axis Robot applicable to 220T-600T all kinds of body-forming machine products and nozzles are taken out. The Five-Axis Robots are traversed, drawn, and the arm is servo-driven. The arms are double-cut, and the square-pass structure is movable. The side is the servo side. Group, take out time quickly, adjust the fixture is convenient.

Product Description

Introduction of Five-Axis Robot:

Applicable to 220T-600T all kinds of body-forming machine products and nozzles are taken out. The Five-Axis Robots are traversed, drawn, and the arm is servo-driven. The arms are double-cut, and the square-pass structure is movable. The side is the servo side. Group, take out time quickly, adjust the fixture is convenient. Long life, low failure, less take-off time 1.8S, larger load 10KG (including fixtures and finished products), mainly used for quick removal or complicated removal applications, especially long products such as auto parts, washing machine appliances, etc. Adopt system mode: less signal line, long-distance communication, good expansion performance, less impact from outside world, accurate repeat positioning, multi-axis control at the same time, simple equipment maintenance and low failure rate.

Main specifications of  Five-Axis Robot


powerpressuredrive systemPosture(Air Cyylinder)air cylinder driving force(air pressure at 0.49mpa)control box
max load,incl.chuck weightposture torque
0.49mpaAC伺服马达90°固定5KG4.97N-mThree-axis 8-inch touch screen
GENERAL APECIFICATIONS  As per setting kf parameter,max.load may be over 5kg
ModelStroke(mm)Electric consumption(KVA)Max power consumption(kw)Net Weight(kg)Air Consumption(NL/cycle)
VerticalVerticalCrosswiseTraverseMain BodyPendant
3.20 1.70 2971.682.93 
KMSA-800ID58008503.20 1.70 298
KMSB-900ID59009503.20 1.70 299
KMSB-1000ID5100010503.20 1.70 299

Five-Axis Robot(图1)

Five-Axis Robot structure features

1. Up and down and drawing: It is driven by high-effect AC servo motor, which has fast removal speed and high speed and multi-function automation. It can be used for quick removal or various removal.

2, horizontally in the drawing: all use steel structure, with high-precision linear silent rail, to achieve high rigidity, high speed, low noise, long life and long life.

3, single-section arm: the use of high-rigidity linear slides and aluminum alloy structural beams, specially designed belt double speed mechanism, greatly shorten the structural height of the upper and lower arms, can increase the stability of the uplink and downlink speed.

4. Self-safety protection: Automatically detect whether the air source pressure is sufficient. If the pressure is insufficient, the automatic alarm will indicate that the pressure is insufficient, and the anti-falling cylinder will be automatically popped to prevent the arm from sliding down. The middle plate is installed, and the plate mold is not pulled open or due to inertia. Automatic alarm when rebounding prevents the arm from going down.

5. Side chamfering mechanism: It can be taken out with the male or female mold, and the side position is 90 degrees.

6, controller features: five-axis high-effect AC servo motor drive, PLC central control, 32K color touch screen, dialogue operating system, easy to learn, suitable for all types of mold products to take out, can store 100 kinds of process procedures, to achieve multi-point storage, Product stacking, external spray, air pressure shearing device, medium plate testing.

Five-Axis Robot(图2)

Product Application:

 Five-Axis Robot application advantages:

1. The five-axis servo robot is accurately controlled by the machine, so it can completely control the product output according to the factory plan, eliminate the factors such as manual uncertainty and error operation, and have a certain delivery time for the customer, which can maintain good reputation and competitiveness. .

2. The five-axis servo robot is equipped with a safety protection system, which can largely avoid the risk of accidental injury to employees, so that the operator can use the peace of mind and steadily advance the factory task.

3. The product is taken out by the five-axis servo robot during normal production. The cycle of the injection molding machine is fixed, and the stability of the finished product is excellent, so that the quality is guaranteed.

4. When the machine is operating, the five-axis servo robot is a good substitute for manual operation. Compared with the manual operation of the workers, the person will be fatigued, and the robot can work all the time, especially in the night shift.

5. Five-axis servo robots improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs. With the help of a five-axis servo robot, production technicians can focus on other operations and promote management benign.

6, the five-axis servo robot implements a one-person mechanism, and the person in charge is more in place. Each staff member can have a comprehensive understanding of the machine that he is responsible for, timely inspection and maintenance, familiar with the operating conditions of the machine and machine output, to achieve a perfect human-machine cooperation system, and let the five-axis servo robot become a good partner for the factory operation.

Precautions for use  Five-Axis Robot

1. When an abnormal situation occurs in the external power supply, the control system will send a message to remind the operator of this situation. In order to make all the systems work safely, it is necessary to set up a safety circuit externally and add a protection route to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

2. Before the device, wiring, operation, and protection of the five-axis servo robot, familiarize yourself with the contents of the machine manual. It is also necessary to be familiar with the safety precautions concerning mechanical and electronic knowledge when using it. When the power is on, the mechanical and electronic fields are connected. The working principle is also more complicated. Under the premise of knowing how to work, the correct method of using the five-axis servo robot can be mastered, and any emergency situation can be handled correctly in time.

3. The five-axis servo robot should be installed on metal flame retardant. Because the robot is an energized device, if it touches with combustible materials, it will produce severe chemical reaction. Therefore, pay special attention to whether the installation environment is far away from combustible materials and eliminate potential dangers.

4. When the five-axis servo robot is used, it is necessary to ground. The robot is a large-scale machine. The power consumption is also far above the ordinary electrical appliance. For the user's personal safety considerations, the grounding can greatly avoid the accidental injury of the staff.

5. The wiring work of the Five-Axis Robot is necessary to be carried out by a professional electrician. The wiring is complicated, and it needs to be handled by professional electronic knowledge workers. The safety wiring is more guaranteed. The staff should stand in a safe position during operation. No one is allowed under the arm.

Five-Axis Robot(图3)

Product service:

Under normal use, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year. The professional site survey provides configuration and installation plan. The professional free commissioning installation, operation and use training, lifetime maintenance, and any change of setting mode service, 365 days a year, 7 days a week. X24 hours service.

Five-Axis Robot(图4)

Packing & Delivery

The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

The package size is customized according to the size of the goods


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are a professional manufacturer. We are warmly welcome clients from worldwide to visit our factory and cooperate with us.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 15-20 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 20-30 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A: No. Customers can visit our factory and view samples.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: 50% T/T in advance. balance before shippment.
If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us.


1.The robot arm can be labeled as specified by the customer.

2.Color can follow the requirements of customers.

3.The consignee and consignor on the B/L can be decided by the customer.

4.Follow the principle of mutual benefit, all prices can be accommodated.
5.If you intend to wholesale robot, then please find me, wholesale prices are very attractive.

Team Service

Team Service
Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply you in 24 hours.
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