What are the precautions when using an injection robot

The injection robot developed by Comans has a beautiful appearance, can meet the needs of different customers intelligently at low speed, and is equipped with a fault alarm system for safety, which can improve the production efficiency and provide continuous production benefits to customers.

However, in the process of operating the injection robot, the following should be mainly:

1. During the working process, if theinjection robot is not working properly, press the “Emergency Stop” button.

2. When the alarm light (red light) is on, check the cause and adjust the robot in full manual mode, and the alarm signal is reset.

injection robot

3. If the injection molding machine is not normal, the injection molding machine and the robot should be suspended.

4. In case of emergency, the interval between “emergency stop” and “system power-on” is not less than 30 seconds.

5. Loading and unloading is a complete cycle. It is necessary to start the material waiting position. After the material is finished, the material can be unloaded. After the material is finished, return to the feeding waiting position and prepare to execute the next loading and unloading cycle. If the power is turned off or mishandled in the middle of the process, only the "recovery of the initial position" can be resumed at the loading wait bit. Be cautious by pressing "emergency stop".

injection robot

6. Press only the button, do not press or press continuously, otherwise it will affect the normal action.

7. When the toggle switch is “linked” and the system is in working state, it is forbidden to press any button other than the emergency stop switch.

8. Check if the air supply is turned on before the system is powered on.

9. The injection robot has a limit on the left and right. When the manipulator moves to the left and right limits, the manipulator will stop moving in that direction and can only move in the opposite direction.

injection robot

10. All movement preconditions of the injection robot require the machine to issue an allowable entry signal, otherwise the robot will not be able to perform any movement.

The robot is an industrial machine that can realize automatic control, reprogrammable, multi-functional, multi-degree of freedom, motion degree of freedom, and a multi-purpose operation machine. He is able to carry objects and manipulate tools to perform a variety of tasks. The application of robotic automatic processing production line is mainly used for loading and unloading. Its actions include: claw opening and closing; lifting movement; moving left and right. The opening and closing of the claws is a cylinder drive, and the lifting movement and the left and right movement are respectively driven by the servo motor. It is mainly responsible for sending the workpiece to be processed on the conveyor line to the machine tool, taking the machined workpiece out of the machine tool and returning it to the original loading position.

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