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  • What are the advantages of using injection molding machine manipulators in the injection molding industry?

What are the advantages of using injection molding machine manipulators in the injection molding industry?

The injection molding industry is one of the more common industries in the daily industry, and its competition is relatively strong. How can the injection molding industry better reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, thereby reducing costs and increasing production and efficiency? What about multi-enterprise value? This is not difficult for us to think of the current intelligent industry that the country pushes, that is, most of the manual operations are replaced by machines, which not only solves the problems of manpower and other aspects, but also produces accurate and efficient output, making the enterprise better. Gain value and display,,,,,,

So what advantages and advantages can the injection molding machine manipulator bring to the manufacturers in the injection molding industry in the injection molding industry? The following Guangdong Comans injection molding machine manipulator manufacturers are briefly described as follows:

1. Saving labor means saving workers. Our daily shift of two shifts can be directly operated by the injection molding robot for 24 hours.

2. The cycle is stable and the efficiency is higher. The operating frequency of the injection molding robot is the same, even if the cycle is more secure and stable, creating higher and better benefits;

3. High safety, no workers are in contact with the machine, there is no such thing as a work-related injury;

4. Saving materials and reducing costs. When personnel take out time, the product will shrink and be deformed. If the material tube is too hot, re-injection will waste material. The robot is taken out at a fixed time, so the quality is stable.

5. Avoid mold damage: If the worker fails to take out the product successfully, the mold will form a mold damage. If the robot fails to take out the product, it will automatically stop the machine.

6. Improve corporate image and competitiveness, use robots to improve the image of the workshop, ensure the quality, accurately calculate the output value, and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise; high-quality customers also expect to select the injection molding manufacturers with robots to cooperate, the use of robots largely Overcoming the artificial laziness, the daily output value and delivery date can be accurately calculated, and the use of robots can increase the competitiveness of enterprises, and it is the biggest trend in the future.

Injection molding machine manipulator

The injection molding machine manipulators in the injection molding industry as above have the advantages of reducing labor, improving efficiency, reducing costs, improving product quality and safety, and making the injection molding industry using injection molding machine robots more capable of factory image and enterprise competitiveness, making the company competitive. Strong industry to stand firm, steady growth and development, and more, about the advantages of more injection molding machine manipulators welcome to consult, we Komansi as a Guangdong injection molding machine manipulator manufacturers sincerely for your service!

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