What are the advantages of injection robot

With the rapid development of Industry 4.0, more and more enterprises are taking more competitive use of robots to replace the manual operation of the products in theinjection robot (including injection molding products and injection nozzle materials), in practice, the injection robote The robot not only solves the recruitment problem for the injection molding industry, but also caters to the development trend of the society. In practice, the safety is extremely high, which reduces the cost and improves the production efficiency for the injection molding industry, and allows the enterprise to obtain more benefits. Below, the advantage of the injection robot  is explained by the manufacturer of Guangdong Comansinjection robot  as follows:

First, injection robot  can solve the problem of recruiting people:

In fact, the "price" of the workers is already very clear. "The new generation of workers is at least 9 years of compulsory education, the only child, they would rather go to the office building for 3,000 yuan, and they are not willing to pay 4,000 yuan to the factory." "With social security and average wages, I have not been on the lathe. Robots are lacking." The emergence of robots and robots has solved this situation very well.

 injection robot

Second, injection robot cater to the development trend of society

From the perspective of long-term interests, the emergence of robots, robots, and automation has promoted the development of society. For Chinese manufacturing, how to make the work of the general workersor directly repeat a certain repeated actionmake it faster. More accurate, it is the proposition of production supervisors for many years, and it is also a big advantage of Chinese manufacturing in the past in the world. The research effort of the countdown to the second was transferred to the machine.

 Industrial robot

Third, injection robot the operation safety is high, to avoid the occurrence of work accidents:

The occurrence of work-related accidents is a bad news for both the enterprise and the employees. Now, the robot is a multi-function robot capable of automatic control and reprogrammable, and has three or more The freely programmed axis of motion looks like a simplified combination of human upper limbs. Stations with high repetitiveness and harsh environments, such as fuel injection, polishing, etc., are the first places where robots enter. In addition to the hand, there is also a "foot". This is the world of universal workers: The porters are the hardest. Many people go for a week, and the mobility of the people is very high. The former workers are better. The young workers are sometimes unable to keep up for a day.It also happens in the e-commerce warehouse where the concept is fashionable. Chen Hongbo once made statistics. During the double eleventh period, the workers in an e-commerce logistics warehouse should hold the box for about 50 to 70 kilometers per day, more than two marathons.

 factory robot

Fourth, injection robot reduce costs and improve production efficiency:

"In the past, it was a man who was all artificial and black." Basically, an iinjection robot  is equipped with a worker. Sometimes, in order to catch up with work, two shifts or even three shifts will be taken. The workers continue to work overtime and continue to shift. However, with the increase of labor costs, the injection robot  is not expensive. After the new labor law was updated in 2015, the basic basic salary of the Pearl River Delta workers rose to 2030, plus the usual overtime pay, which basically rose to the present. The monthly amount of 4,000 to 4,500 yuan, at the same time, is not counted as a variety of five insurance and one gold.

 injection robot

"Of course, in the course of work, people's movement speed is faster than the injection robot , but the human movement can not last for a long time, not stable enough, humanity has an uncontrollable side, can not do 24 hours.", a worker counts, The cost of one year is about 50,000-70,000 yuan. This is already the price of one or even two robots, and the man-year is about 8-10 years. That is to say, the remaining years are free. Use, calculate, can save hundreds of thousands or even millions of production costs for enterprises.


As mentioned above, the use of robots in the injection molding industry can solve the problems of the company frequently. You can choose the injection manipulator to find our Comans manufacturer, perfect after-sales system, and the high cost performance is worthy of your possession. I look forward to seeing you. Call!

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