Three-axis robot installation precautions

The three-axis robot is a more commonly used manipulator in the injection molding industry. It mimics some of the movement functions of the human hand and the arm. It is used for injection molding, and the product is embedded in the mold (labeling, embedding metal, overmolding, etc.) . The three-axis robot can operate in a harmful environment to protect personal safety. It has the advantages of reducing labor, improving efficiency, reducing costs, improving product quality, safety, and improving the image of the factory. What should be paid attention to in daily installation? The following is a summary of the Guangdong Komans robot manufacturer:


1. Do a good job of safety isolation: the robot can move in a three-dimensional space at a very high speed. In order to minimize the risk of damage to the operator, the robot must perform appropriate safety isolation measures to operate. .


2. According to the actual pairing: because it needs to adapt to different environments, it is not a standard equipment. If the customer installs the protective cover by itself, we especially point out that it must be done, it has the highest priority control.

three-axis robot

3. Make sure the safety sign is clear: in the three-dimensional space of the limit distance of the three-axis movement of the manipulator, be sure to install the protective cover to ensure the safety of the operator, and erect the warning sign in an obvious position to remind the operator of the relevant Safety Precautions.


4. A clear understanding of safety regulations and implementation is required: the operator must be sure that all safety regulations are implemented in order to protect against industrial disasters. To avoid damage to the machine and accidental injury, the assembly of the machine must be carried out by specialized personnel. Be responsible for.


The above is the matters needing attention when installing the three-axis robot. For more information, please come to consult!

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