Rolling Belt Conveyor

Common problems with rolling belt conveyors:

The rolling belt conveyor has a long conveying distance and a simple structure, which can facilitate the program control and operation of the machine. However, the rolling belt conveyor always encounters some problems during use. Here are some common questions.

First of all, belt conveyor slipping is a very common problem, because the belt conveyor path will often occur under the conditions of frequent rain, overload operation and the like. There is also the case of belt deviation. This situation is mainly caused by two reasons. One is human reason, such as the failure of manufacturing products, the installation error, the position deviation of the blanking point, etc., which will cause the belt to run off. problem. The other is the non-human factor. For example, the belt is worn, the foreign matter is stuck on the drum, and the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the weather changes may also cause the belt to run off. In addition, the insufficient tension of the belt conveyor causes the belt to be broken and the abnormal noise of the machine caused by the serious wear of the gear is also a common problem of the rolling belt conveyor.

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