Robot Cut

The robotic cutting system has changed the traditional cutting technology. The robot cutting is not only the flat cutting, the precision is high, but also the subsequent grinding process is omitted, which is welcomed by many manufacturing industries. What are the advantages of robot cutting? In fact, the use of robotic cutting has the following advantages:

1. The robot cutting has strong adaptability to the material, and the cutting system can basically cut any plate through the numerical control program.

2. The machining path of the robot cutting is controlled by the program. If the machining object changes, only the modification program can be used. In general, the design of the 3D machining fixture and its use are complicated, but the machining of the fixture becomes very simple. In addition, a robot system device can implement multiple functions if it is equipped with different hardware and software.

3. In actual production activities, robot cutting has obvious advantages in improving product quality, production efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and saving raw materials.

Although the cost of robotic cutting equipment is high and the one-time investment is large, it is relatively affordable for long-term use. Because of the strong production stability of robot cutting, it can ensure the quality of the product, eliminate the various pre-cutting measurement, drawing and other cumbersome processes, and greatly improve the work efficiency. Now it plays an increasingly important role in the manufacturing industry.

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