Introduction to the robot:

A robot is a machine that realizes various functions by its own power and control. Robot development and application are now becoming wider and wider. Now expand to more field applications. The future will move in a more intelligent direction.


Service robot features:

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, robots have gradually entered the commercial application field from the industrial field, and are increasingly welcomed by the market. What can the service robot do? Its functions mainly include the following aspects:

1. Achieve voice conversations. It can chat and answer questions such as corporate knowledge in millisecond response speed, and can also be used to answer user questions.

2. The service robot can identify. It can achieve identity security monitoring through face recognition, document identification, and so on. This saves human resources.

3. The service robot also has an indoor leading function. It can carry out simple intelligent construction and take measures to avoid obstacles independently, and perfectly realize indoor fixed-point guidance.

4. Scene display. Service robots can display corporate culture and promotional content in the form of a nine-square grid. It has a wealth of knowledge of storage.

5. The service robot supports printing customized tickets, such as queuing tickets, ordering tickets, etc., can be printed.

6. The service robot can also have the function of singing and dancing. As long as the song function is performed, the service robot can sing along with the song.


Service robot application scenario:

1. Service robots can be used in enterprises. In the enterprise, you can play the function of welcoming guests, and you can also use it in the annual meeting of the company to interact with the host to adjust the atmosphere.

2. It can also be used in business halls to understand the needs of target audiences through interesting human-computer interaction experiences, attracting traffic and improving marketing rates.

3. Service robots can be used in hospitals, including hospital introductions, department guidance, medical knowledge, and experts.

4. Service robots can be used for tourist attractions. Guide the tourists through intelligent AI explanations, and drive the tourist hotspot through a one-stop service experience.

5. It can also be used in the hotel lobby to interact with guests, understand the needs and guide the solution. For VIP guests, vip exclusive service is available.

6. The service robot is used to participate in the press conference, interact with the audience, adjust the atmosphere, and help the success of the press conference.


The reasons for the rapid development of commercial service robots:

Nowadays, the development of intelligent robots is becoming more and more popular, and its development direction is becoming more and more extensive. At present, with the demand of business scenarios, the role of commercial service robots is increasingly recognized. The reasons for the rapid development of commercial service robots are mainly the following:

1. Mature core technology guarantee. At present, the intelligence level of China's commercial service robots has rapidly increased, and has gradually kept up with the level of internationalization. Some technologies have reached mature commercial-grade applications. The actual application can be perfectly implemented.

2. Human-computer interaction function. With the gradual maturity of human-computer interaction technology, service robots are gradually evolving toward interactive intelligence. At present, domestic robot manufacturers and enterprises have also launched extensive cooperation to improve the intelligence of service robots and explore more potential functions of robots.

3. Market demand is very high. At present, the growth rate of global commercial service robots is very fast. Driven by the growth and improvement of demand and consumption levels, service robots will become a new driving force for industrial growth.

4. National policies support the development of robots. In recent years, the state has issued a number of programmatic documents to support the development of robots. In addition, with the support of policies and capital and the rapid development of related technologies, it has also boosted the growth of the service robot market.

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