How to use the in-mold labeling robot efficiently

The in-mold labeling robot is easy to use and can be used for full-circle labeling of cans, etc., and can also be used for food packaging, pesticides, chemicals, paints, and pharmaceuticals. How to use the in-mold labeling robot with high efficiency in mosquito and fly insecticides, air fresheners, self-painting, expansion rubber, butane gas, leather polish, etc. in health care and other industries? The following is a brief description of the following by the Komans robot manufacturer in Guangdong:

1. Always pay attention to the working state of the in-mold labeling robot 

During the process of labeling the robot in the mold, the staff should regularly check the relevant electrical components to ensure smooth operation of the mechanism, and whether the connection between the powder hopper and the mixer is smooth, and the feeding is smooth.

2. After the daily machine work, first disconnect the power supply and wipe the surface of the machine, the workbench and other parts.

3. The equipment needs to ensure that the matching power supply voltage is used before it can be put into production normally.

4. Regularly check the tightening degree of all bolt joints. If looseness is found, tighten it in time.

5. Check the backing paper for damage. The label supplier is required to control the die-cutting depth, not to cut the bottom paper, and use the glassine paper.

6, check the label travel process, whether there is a scratch, if there is to adjust the mechanism.

7. When checking the labeling, do not stick to the labeled product, if necessary, control the length of the label.

The above is the way to improve the efficiency of the in-mold labeling robot , I hope to help everyone.With the rapid development of industry, the in-mold labeling process has been widely used, and it has gradually been introduced to China in recent years. This new technology has not only been recognized by the industry, but also quickly used widely. In-mold labeling robots enter the injection molding machine. After that, the label is sent to the inner wall of the cavity of the injection molding machine by the labeling fixture, and then the injection molding product in the injection molding machine is taken out by taking the product jig, which takes a long time, has low production efficiency and high production cost.

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