Five Axis Robots

As we all know, theFive Axis Robots uses the principle of balance to push and pull objects, helping the factory to carry and take many products. Moreover, after knowing how the five-axis robot works, it is not difficult to operate, and it can be skillfully operated by several uses. The five-axis robots of the following Komans robot manufacturers in Guangdong have the following advantages:

1. As a robot manufacturer in Guangdong Province, we have been established in 2009 and have been in the business for more than 10 years. It is a supplier integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service, allowing you to purchase one-on-one. product;

2, we have established a number of sales areas at home and abroad, so that you can buy near, rest assured to buy, quality assurance after-sales guarantee;

3, rich in practical experience, high credit, current customers all over the country and abroad, the industry used are cars and spare parts, industrial appliances, electronic communications, food and beverage, medical, toys, cosmetics packaging, optoelectronics manufacturing, home appliances and other industries


4. The main original parts of the Five Axis  Robots  produced by our factory are servo motor: Japan Panasonic, solenoid valve: Taiwan AIRTAC; upper and lower cylinder: Taiwan TWSA; linear slide: Japan THK; wire: Germany IGUS; reducer: Japan SHIMPO ,,,,,, international brand cooperation, quality assurance;

5. Because the Five Axis Robots  produced by our factory is precisely controlled by the machine as mentioned above, the product output can be controlled completely according to the factory plan, and the factors such as manual uncertainty and error operation are eliminated, and the customer has confirmed delivery. In the period, we can maintain good reputation and competitiveness.

Five Axis Robots

6. The Five Axis Robots  is equipped with a safety protection system, which can avoid the risk of accidental injury to employees to the greatest extent, so that the operator can use the peace of mind and steadily advance the factory task.

7. The product is taken out by the five-axis robot during normal production. The injection molding machine is fixed in cycle, and the stability of the finished product is excellent, so that the quality is guaranteed.

8. When the machine is operating, the Five Axis  Robots  is a good substitute for manual operation. Compared with the manual operation of the workers, the person will be fatigued, and the robot can work all the time, especially in the night shift.

Five Axis Servo Robots

9.  Five Axis Robots   s improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs. With the help of a five-axis robot, production technicians can focus on other operations and promote management benign.

10. The Five Axis  Robots  implements a one-person mechanism, and the person in charge is more in charge. Each staff member can have a comprehensive understanding of the machine that he is responsible for, timely inspection and maintenance, familiar with the operating conditions of the machine and machine output, to achieve a perfect man-machine cooperation system, and make the  Five Axis Robots   a good partner for the factory operation.


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Remarks, our exclusive features: the use of drawing 90 degrees, higher precision, more stable, more durable

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