Servo robot classification and use

The servo robot, also known as a multi-degree-of-freedom manipulator, is an automated production device that mimics the function of a part of the human body and allows it to be automatically controlled to transport the workpiece or to operate the tool in accordance with predetermined requirements. In the injection molding industry, we generally divide into single-axis servo manipulators, three-axis servo manipulators and five-axis servo manipulators. The following Comans manufacturers briefly describe their use in actual injection molding according to different manipulator types.


First, the single-axis servo robot:

Single-axis servo manipulator: The arm of a single-axis servo manipulator is controlled by the same cylinder as the manipulator. However, due to the structural design of the X, Y, and Z axes, the single-axis servo manipulator has functional functions compared to the arm manipulator. Great improvement, widely used in product removal operations that do not require high precision. In addition to the single-arm single-axis, it is also possible to add a material arm to form a single-axis servo double-arm manipulator as needed to achieve simultaneous product and material head operations.

Servo robot

Second, three-axis servo manipulator:

Three-axis servo manipulator: The three-axis servo manipulator is the most widely used injection molding robot in the field of injection molding automation. Because its X, Y and Z axes are driven by servo axes, it can be easily combined with other tooling fixtures to form complex functions. Injection automation solutions such as in-mold stickers, automatic tableware packaging, in-mold inserts, and automatic product packaging. There are many models of three-axis servo manipulators, which basically meet the injection molding automation requirements of 50~4000T injection molding machines.

Three- and five-axis servo manipulators:

The five-axis servo manipulator complements the function of the three-axis servo manipulator. By adding the jib to meet the additional pick-up requirements of the three-plate die, stacking die, or adding a servo axis to the main arm, the different angles of the jig can be rotated to meet the complex Production requirements.


In summary, the servo manipulator is widely used in the automation production of electronic communication, daily necessities, catering, cosmetics and other industries due to its flexible and controllable operation, accurate and reliable positioning, high load driving force and strong environmental adaptability. The labor intensity and labor conditions of workers have improved production efficiency and stabilized product quality. Purchasing enterprises can use different manipulator products according to the actual needs, so as to reduce the procurement cost of equipment and obtain more benefits.

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