Daily maintenance of injection robot

The injection robot is specially equipped for the automation of injection molding. In daily operation, we need to maintain it better, so that it can not only improve the service life of the  injection robot, but also help the company to improve production efficiency and stabilize product quality. Reduce the scrap rate, reduce production costs, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. The following is a brief description of the daily maintenance of the bearings and guide rails of the injection manipulator by the Guangdong Comans injection robot manufacturer:

Bearings and guides should keep the rails and bearings at all shafts clean and well lubricated. If the robot is running in a dusty environment, the rails need to be cleaned frequently; if you find any metal fragments or powder, it may indicate that the lubrication is not it is good. In order to ensure proper lubrication, it is critical to have the right linear guidance system. Most robots have automated lubrication systems and components that require regular replacement. One of the main points of keeping the robot running well is simple observation and listening, which can reveal a lot of information about the overall operation of the robot.

injection robot

In connection with the above mentioned robots work through specific actions, so listening to any abnormal sounds, such as howling, squeaking, etc., indicates that the bearing does not rotate properly or some other component is stuck. The robot link section moves along the guide rails with power cables and vacuum hoses, giving a normal click, but the sound is smooth and stable. Check any observable bearings to make sure they rotate smoothly. Simply checking and listening to some signs of wear or adjustments can greatly help keep the robot in optimal operating condition.

injection robot

The above is the main maintenance points of the robots provided by Commans injection robot manufacturers, I hope to help you, if you want to know more about injection robot welcome to inquire, we will serve you sincerely!

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