How to better use the CNC lathe robot

The CNC lathe robot is a high-speed robot that provides powerful support for large-volume or multi-variety small-volume production of processing equipment such as lathes, grinders, and processing machines. Correct use of  CNC lathe robot can reduce the dependence of enterprises on employment and reduce production costs. Sustainable development of the enterprise. So how does it work better in everyday applications? Guangdong Komans robot manufacturers summarized the correct installation and regular maintenance and cleaning, etc., the details are as follows:

1. The basic one is the correct installation of the  CNC lathe robot . For the installation of the  CNC lathe robot , people should pay more attention to it. It is necessary to ensure that the installation of each component is in place. Incorrect installation not only affects the appearance, but also causes failures during use, and the service life is greatly reduced.

2, we have to look at the eyes, ears to listen. Checking and listening to certain wear or signs that require adjustment can greatly help keep the robot in optimal operating condition.

CNC lathe robot

3. After the lathe robot has been running for a period of time, it is necessary to stop the operation of the  CNC lathe robot to release the heat generated by the  CNC lathe robot to reach the goal of the life of the robot.

4. If the environment is wet in the watch for a long time, the lathe robot made of iron is very easy to breed a rusty environment. The rusted  CNC lathe robot not only has a large buckle on the exterior, but also contaminates the products of the robot and affects the quality of the lathe robot. Therefore, use a lathe robot in a relatively dry environment and regularly dry the lathe robot.

5. Regular cleaning work to keep the guide rails and bearings at all shafts clean and good lubrication performance.

CNC lathe robot

6. In high-speed operation, the vibration frequency may be very high. It is best to install the robot on a support structure independent of the molding equipment.

7. Ensure the safety of the wiring tie and the reasonable installation of the cable.

8. Always refer to the robot manual for proper lubrication of metal parts.

CNC lathe robot

In summary, as a manufacturing enterprise, better use of CNC lathe robot can give enterprises a competitive advantage. And as long as we use it properly, the  CNC lathe robot can be used for more than ten years. For more details on CNC robots, please come to consult! We will serve you sincerely!

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