Injection molding machine mold insert robot introduction

[product name]: [In-mold insert robot

[product model]: KMSA-700IS3

[Model alias]: Three-axis servo manipulator (single-single-arm three-axis)

[Product alias]: In-mold embedded injection molding robot, in-mold insert injection molding robot, injection molding industry mold embedded insert robot, automatic mold embedded insert robot, etc.

[Product Definition]: A simple overview of the in-mold insert is a production process in which an accessory is placed in a cavity for injection molding, and then the metal, plastic, and the like are pre-loaded into the mold for injection molding, and the plastic is melted into An injection molding process that integrates new parts.

[Main operation procedure]: positioning and feeding of inserts

[Application industry]: In-mold inserts are a very common production process in injection molding. It involves all aspects of our daily necessities, such as our common fittings, TV casing, washing machine base, auto parts, mobile phones. Chargers, etc., all products that require secondary injection molding need to use the in-mold insert process.

[In-mold insert manipulator application advantages]:

1. The double slide rail design ensures that the running accuracy of the arm is below 0.2, ensuring smooth burying.

2, embedded chamfer design, chamfering the embedded parts is conducive to the robot to successfully embed the embedded parts, improve the yield.

3. Ensure the processing precision and assembly process of each component of the conveyor, and improve the feeding accuracy of the embedded parts.

4, the mold plus positioning hole design, adding positioning holes on the mold, with the dual positioning on the manipulator fixture, can effectively improve the positioning accuracy of the system and improve the success rate of the embedded parts.

In-mold insert robot Picture reference】:

Injection molding machine mold insert robot introduction(图1)

Injection molding machine mold insert robot introduction(图2)

Injection molding machine mold insert robot introduction(图3)

[In-mold insert robot warranty and after-sales]:

1. The company adopts the after-sales service method of full-time telephone tracking for the products supplied.

2. The warranty period starts from the date of installation and commissioning of the equipment and the acceptance of both parties (warranty period: 1 year), including system, servo, guide rail, etc.

3, consumables / wearing parts / human reasons or improper operation and natural disasters, human irresistible factors caused by failure, it is not covered by the warranty.

4. After the warranty period, the company will charge the maintenance cost of the parts below the market sales price and provide technical support services for life;

5. Establish installation, daily maintenance and maintenance service files, and record the use, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment in detail.

6. Regularly call back to solve the specific problems encountered during the operation of the equipment, and prevent problems before they occur.

7. Provide technical training for complete equipment use, simple maintenance and maintenance.

8. We will comprehensively consider the after-sales service of the equipment in terms of management and technology, and provide comprehensive protection for the system with fewer problems and no problems.

9. Warranty period: The problems with the equipment are first solved by hotline. If the problem cannot be solved by telephone, then our factory will send the after-sales technicians to the scene to solve.

10. The response time is as follows: (If you need to send a factory to the site for maintenance, our factory will start immediately after receiving the call)

(1), the first level of failure is repaired within 24 hours.

(2), the secondary fault is repaired within 12 hours.

(3), the third-level fault is repaired within 8 hours.

(4) The repair response time does not include the travel time.

11. The fault levels are classified as follows:

(1), one-level failure: the entire system equipment is caused by the failure;

(2), secondary fault: the system equipment is seriously affected due to the fault;

(3), three-level fault: the efficiency of the system equipment is affected by the fault, but the equipment can still operate.

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