What are the factors affecting the accuracy of the robot?

Many industrial groups now use a variety of fully automatic devices to replace manpower in industrial manufacturing and work, and robots are one of the most popular automation devices because of their high efficiency and high precision. Faster and more efficient, all of them will have so many industrial groups to choose the robot, but there are still some factors that will affect the accuracy of the robot, then let Xiaobian come to introduce you.

1. The speed of positioning, which has a great influence on the accuracy of the manipulator, because different positioning speeds will cause different energy loss to the various moving parts of the manipulator, so this has an impact and loss on the component life of the manipulator. In general, in order to reduce the loss of positioning speed to the device, the positioning speed is generally controlled, and the buffering efficiency and cushioning performance of the buffer device are improved, and the driving device and the system are appropriately decelerated.

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2. The way of positioning, the influencing factors caused by the different positioning methods are also different, such as the positioning of the mechanical stop, its accuracy is related to the strength of the block and the speed of touching the block.

What are the factors affecting the accuracy of the robot?(图2)

3. Stiffness and strength, the overall structural rigidity and hardness of the manipulator itself will also have an impact on the accuracy. Generally speaking, the structure with lower stiffness is prone to vibration, so the positioning accuracy will be lower.

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4. The weight of the exercise device, the exercise device generally includes the weight of the device itself and the weight of the object to be handled and grasped. Generally, the greater the weight of the moving member, the greater the load on the robot, so the accuracy is lower. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the weight of the device of the moving part itself during design.

The above are some of the factors that affect the accuracy of the robot.

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