What is the working principle of the three-axis robot?

three-axis robot, also known as an injection robot or an automatic hand, is a more commonly used robot in the robot industry. It mimics some of the movements of the human hand and the arm to grab, move, or manipulate objects in a fixed program. Automatic operating device. Not only that, but it can also replace the heavy labor of people to realize the mechanization and automation of production, can operate in a harmful environment to protect personal safety, and is widely used in the metallurgical department of machinery manufacturing. So how is the robot applied, and what is the working principle of it? The following is a summary of the Komans robot manufacturer in Guangdong as follows:

The completion of the work of the  three-axis robot  is mainly composed of three parts of the hands, the mechanical movement mechanism and the mechanical control system.

First, the hand:

The hand is used to grip the workpiece (or tool). There are various structural forms according to the shape, size, weight, material and operation requirements of the object to be grasped, such as clamping type, holding type and adsorption type. .

What is the working principle of the three-axis robot?(图1)

Second, the sports organization and control system

The hand is subjected to various rotation (swinging), moving or compounding movements to achieve a prescribed action, and to change the position and posture of the grasped object. The independent movement of the movement mechanism such as lifting, telescopic, and rotating is called the freedom of the robot. In order to capture objects in any position and orientation in space, there are 6 degrees of freedom. The degree of freedom is the key parameter of the robot design, the more degrees of freedom, the greater the flexibility of the robot, the wider the versatility, and the more complicated the structure.

What is the working principle of the three-axis robot?(图2)

The practice of the three-axis robot is to simulate the working principle of the corresponding work of the human being, but the relevant part of the manpower is composed of the hand, the motion mechanism and the control system of the robot. More details about the three-axis robot are welcome. Call us!

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