The flow of unloading of robotic arm for injection moulding machine

Now with the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, people's quality of life and quality of life have also been greatly improved, and it is also evident in the industrial aspect. For example, more and more industrial factories are now using it. Automated robots work for themselves. This kind of robot can improve the mechanical efficiency and completeness of industrial work in an all-round way, so it will be so popular with everyone. Then let Xiaobian introduce the robotic arm for injection moulding machine. Discharge it.

The flow of unloading of robotic arm for injection moulding machine(图1)

The robotic arm for injection moulding machine is a full range of automated machinery for injection molding, and can be quickly loaded and unloaded according to different injection molding products and different mechanisms. The unloading of the robot is composed of two parts, a take-up plate and a discharge plate, and a groove is formed between the two plates to prevent the preform, and a trachea is provided behind the groove for vacuum suction and blowing. Gas operation.

Because the manipulator is a more flexible device, its take-up plate is also very flexible in motion, it can move up and down, and can also rely on the hydraulic swing cylinder for 90-degree rotation, which makes it easy for the robot to face various working environments. And job requirements.

The control system of this robotic arm for injection moulding machine is based on PLC, so the reliability of such a system is very high, and it is very simple and fast in operation and use, so even if the damage is repaired and protected, it is relatively simple. Clear and easy to repair.

The above is about the introduction of robotic arm for injection moulding machine. It is based on pneumatic and hydraulic drive, and uses PLC control system. The reliable performance of the machine allows the robot and injection molding machine to cooperate and cooperate better, greatly improving the work of the robot. effectiveness.

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